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标题: ray bans briller - I followed the maid slowly     
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ray bans briller - I followed the maid slowly

I followed the maid slowly, and finally understand why he was so at ease I stay at his side, but I will kill him, certainly.
Into the hall when the hall seems to rules of procedure, a thousand wishes highest throne, maid Fu Shen audience, I looked up, stared at him, eyes almost pop out to fire. He is a very pleasant way: "This is the charm evening, after my personal bodyguard." I turned and found all of them staring at me, motionless, thinking would not it, I have not hands-on before you This anti-me ah. A blink of an eye, find quiet standing in front of his face pale, but overall okay, are not shocked, I was with the body of the dragon saliva life insurance, Zhesi is it immortal? Think fortunately did not die, or not worth it. Anyway, have a chance.
One thousand want to go down, look at me joking: "Charm evening, the clothes you are equipped with ah." Enemies in sight,ray bans briller, thousands of hatred, in looking at this body, when suddenly equipped to give birth to feelings of powerlessness, damn . I suddenly wanted to take off these clothes with him to fight, and conceivable kind of scene, and had teeth Renxia.
I stood on the bridge blue white pavilion, with a slight chill wind greeted. Quiet clear water under the bridge, fish chasing each other play, splashes Joan beads Suiyu. A pool of withered leaves, but also to see if the warm summer when wild flowers. Weeping willow trees beside the pool has not been Tulv, bare branches with the wind playing in the water. Occasionally, a few white bird flying over the water stands a moment, then skimming out across the blue sky, such as washing gone without a trace.
I just stood on the bridge, behind a sudden explosion sound woke me drink: "bold and I to see the palace dare not kneel!" I turned and saw the so-called "the palace." A beautiful woman, with a fire red gauze skirt, shapely, fair-skinned, delicate facial features. Covered an air of aristocratic arrogance Johnson. One pair of original scenery of the eyes, even after seeing my anger changed color. Behind her followed a group of attendants, the maid kept a tender salute to my eye see, I just laugh, smile bright colors, charming smile will occur, which, for thousands of want to post it?
I Xieni her, sighing loudly: "But that Seoul." Noodles woman in red straight red with anger: "You blind? This Jianbi win, scratching her face, cut her tongue! "guards rushed over and saw me, Dai Li can not do it. I gracefully walked over, try to keep grace Chao Chao, hand, palm to her hack into the pond. Around one exclaimed, and immediately jumped out of the water from the attendants have to go. I am very happy smile, as if Yunkai day now,ray ban nettbutikk, even just the hearts of the meaning of that point Xiao se are dissipated. Guards surrounded me until I finally put away TIPS smile, do not know how long toss,pilotbriller ray ban, simply sit down. Guards surrounded the crowd Hu chieftains came hurriedly, that the red woman cried out: "Brother!" And then threw herself into his arms, I saw, bad. Quickly one hand, from the hands of a bodyguard grabbed a sword,kj?p ray ban, look warily at him, death is much pull a few scapegoat. Hu red woman patted the shoulder, behind her to the maid, maid told: "go with Yufu Ren." Then I looked up and down: "You want to win the king's favor,ray ban aviator solbriller, at least,ray ban solbriller clubmaster, we should put temper soft point. Do you think that carrying a knife shouting Hansha day, he will like you? "I Nuji anti-smile:" Bo he favor? I wait for him to cut to pieces, fell bone dust! " Unexpectedly, then unfinished, behind one thousand drums of palm want to have one side over the side: "Good evening charm well, indeed Ka Wuer Joan, and she is the clank steel frame." He's looking calm water, there eyes trace sparse. I am suddenly a bit timid, and finally another thought, TMD What I guilty? He has always been my enemy! And then raised his head, staring at him confidently.
Night, thousands of poor want to send someone to me, reminding me that in Yufu Ren kneel beside the girl. I go out, they came Fan Shen: "What's your name?" She smiles tenderly, lovely: "Miss Charm evening, my name is Butterfly. You really amazing yeah. Yufu Ren Hu chieftains is the sister of the Guards, his father was a dark old relied on veteran, nor the palace after the lord. the first time to see her so embarrassed. "I waved his hand:" You called butterflies? I look good, or change their name to Sparrow. "
To see him next month when he was Palace, gorgeous red carpet, the whole palace are warm up, the wall of the Golden Bough crystal lamps emit a soft light, dim. Hollow carved incense smoke filled, Amberpack aroma. White stenciling wind yarn Man dancing,ray ban solbriller nettbutikk, in which the maid as Chuanhuahudie coming and going. He lay lazy red velvet couch, arms hugged, hugged, bad, hold the morning I knocked out the water Yufu Ren. I Antan soon retribution came really fast. He ignored me, but bowed his head, slowly all the way from Yufu Ren's lips kiss down,ray ban solbriller norge, even slightly untied her skirt hand. Even my face as thick as is shame not look straight into my heart pound wildly. He looked to me, still faint voice: "Xi charm, you are my guards, night must keep the future in my chambers." I cursed, this guy is really abnormal thing.
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