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"Mentor is good,παπουτσια nike air max 90!"

Water Jingjing polite greeting, hoping to save a little lady image.

"Do you ?" Wind Yi looked smiling girl, the sun, her dazzling smile, full of life, vitality, how could this girl is a ghost? Even if she is really dead, then he would rather believe it is absolutely standing in front of the angels in heaven rather than hell Yuanhun!

"Are you angels?"

"Angel?" Water Jingjing surprised a moment. Oh yeah! They still do not know her resurrection thing.

"I did not died! Seniors, you do not be afraid."

"You did not die? How could that be? I was, and ho went to the hospital and hear the doctors declared the death of you!"

?Chapter 17: morgue where the girl (4)

Chapter 17: morgue where the girl (4)

"Ah? Is it?" Water Jingjing frown, how this can be done? She do not want seniors to be their guy scared. A turn her mind: "Oh, seniors, hospital mistake, I was just shock, the doctor thought I was dead, so just like that."

"Shock?" Wind Yi frown, possible? However, the jump to see her standing here, does not want to believe is impossible. "So, you really all right?"

Jingjing nodded hard water.

Yi looked at her, eyes gradually from shock to surprise, his smile growingrefreshing

"Ho, you see, she was all right, she did not die, she did not do." Yi excited wind pat dull silver in San Hao happy smiles.

While the other side, after the Bank of Saint-ho exclamation and stood, now hear her dialogue Jardine, this pressure of cross God!

"You really did not die,παπουτσια nike air max command?"

Jingjing look at the water's silver holy trance-ho, a good mood suddenly disappeared without a trace, anger burning up quickly: "You're ah! Bastard! Brats! Almost Xianyan Wang has caused this lady, no! Is already met Yama You led me almost never come back! moment dare to speak to me! You bastard kid! "

"Ha, you really did not die! Also so fierce curse, ha ha, that's great! You did not die! Yi, do you see,παπουτσια nike air max ανδρικα, she did not die, ha ha ha ha good, smelly girl, you do not Death is really great! "Silver St. Jingjing Hao excitedly pulling water body shakes!

"You idiot! Let go! You give me let go!" Shake the water Jingjing was confused, how hard he can not break the grip, a foot so fiercely in his feet!

"Awumy feet " San Hao Silver hold hurts call.

Jingjing see him let go the water started to run, while running back to him did not forget to make faces. Haha,παπουτσια nike γυναικεια, like Jingjing and her water bucket,παπουτσια nike air max 2012, the door did not! See the side of the wind at her smiling Yi, he shouted: "Mentor, goodbye! For you, I called the water Jingjing! Do not forget to slightly!"

Yi looked at her eyes slightly mischievous smile, the wind raised his gentle smile as catkins light dance! Water Jingjing, really a good name!

"Smelly girl! You remember me, the young master will not let you !!!!!"

Long, high above the St. cherry campus, roar like thunder, like exploding in the air with the aroma of cherry echoed in the

?Chapter 18: very beautiful transfer student (1)

Chapter 18: very beautiful transfer student (1)

"Ah woo Stop it! I want to sleep " Jingjing a shot of water hanging in his face, opened soft and tender unidentified object, but a moment, feeling the kind of sweet itch dawdle up again in the face.

Dream of water Jingjing frown, Who? Her face good to eat? Which guy has been biting her, depriving her not a good sleep?

You know she has not slept a few days! !

Trip back after a trip to hell, everyone regarded her as the Grave Huihun, which led her to explain over and over again. At home, when she was a feminist mother to see the same scream, quite simply to give her a faint, it still has, literally father even took a triad boss from where did you get what Small pistol at her, looked at the dark muzzle, she was almost scared to return to hell! Finally appease the father and mother, to look at them reluctant to return to their nest under the Mei Mei's nap. Now, however, is not afraid of death which disturb her dream here?

"Who? Also trouble! Sick of it!" Water Jingjing eyes closed impatiently shouted, his face once again hard to beat the sliding object to open tender.

"Wife, kiss, kiss "

Who is talking?

Jingjing water supple mind quickly flashed a cute little face,nike free run 3 αγορα, a pair of agate-like Wuliu Liu's eyes

Baby hell that kid? This is not she dead, right? She was surprised, no sleep, sat up suddenly Zheng Yanjing!

The house looked empty, Jingjing shot each of the offerings of water, sweat! How can what the hell kid? Turned out to be dreaming,παπουτσια nike air max skyline, scared her! She patted his face trying to get sober, but she found his face wet.

"Do not dream last night drooling? Oh, shame, how are confused face "

She muttered muttering while wiping the face side up to the curtains, bright morning light outside the window,nike free run 3 ελλαδα, her heart suddenly like it. Oh , spring sunshine, cloudless, the weather is really good too! It seems, today is a happy day!
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