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Some seemingly normal morning, Wan excitement quickly code the text,

PS: Why do some people screaming mud? Son Ha pro guess what happened?

Otherwise the whole supernatural Wan?(For deep like the crowd scene when Wan was drop flying ~``~) pia

Xiaoxiang College by the first book, Do not reproduced!
[Text: Twenty-three chapters unintentionally lose your virginity]

"You, you are not, in poisoned it?" Child unsteadily on the point a finger closer to the more Shen Luo scrape the ice.

Shen Luo ice conceal his face flush still intended to kill Mouzhong: "from - the child - months! Me, that point, recovery, kill you!"

How to do? Slowly towards the couch on which the child moved to: "You, you do not come!" This man's force has come to what extent? Seven-known martial arts in the soft muscle bulk even only one day to restore it? Damn! Really is abnormal can be!

Shen Luo Bing slips on hand to strangle the child's throat.

"Put - put - Hand! Cough! Fast - Pine - Hand!" Out of breath. She is really terrible must this ion on it? Began to blur in front of things, little by little mind began to slack. She was going to die it? Streams, Niangqin, streams, creeks

Suddenly she started feeling pinched in her throat loosened,παπουτσια nike air max 2012. Defections since repented of this bastard decided it? Child on the side of big mouth breathing while staring suspiciously Shen Luo ice.

Shen Luo ice curl up in a strange position, pupil of the eye, such as spring water, his face flush spread cloth, irrepressible whole body shook.

"Do you, how do you?" Child on a finger gingerly touched him, he immediately reflective of escape.

"Hey, you do not want to kill me then I sleep for, and something tomorrow that you will just look at it on the ground." Yawned Nueliao Nue child on the quilt. Toss of the night is really wearing them, and sleep.

"Ah - ah less! Brother, you have " behind the heat so that it finally hit the child had to go back on, "Brother, are you okay?"

He was like this is not too little ,?nike παπουτσια ελλαδα?

Skirts slightly open, you can get a glimpse of strong symmetry of the chest, black natural hair loose to the chest, light honey-colored skin flush clouds, glowing in the dim glow attractive color, good bite one.

Shen Luo ice Junlian shocked approaching, March is not recovered in the child's lips have been posted up instantly.

"Woo " the child subconsciously wants to push him on. He handed the child on the tongue and mouth to explore the haunted, the people pressed up gradually.

Push hard on the body sub-boiling heat. Flirtatious with him this weird look like how spring looks like ? Would not it,nike free run 3 ελλαδα? Is it really - aphrodisiac? My God! So you can not play me ah,παπουτσια nike προσφορε?! Wail on while the child in mind while carefully move back to.

"Big, Big Brother,nike free run 3 αγορα, you have to cool! Cool! We talk about the calm, talk to you in the woo" If the child did not finish on the ice and Luo Shen rushed over. On his tongue in the mouth of madness to explore sub-licking. Licking, heavy breathing hot on his face in the sub-handling. His hand slowly into the sub-exploration within the month clothes.

With the gradual stretching his hand on the body seems to point in the child from a fire, the child's breathing became rapid on them.

Shen Luo body heat through the thin ice of clothing on the body spread to the child, his body is off to a hard place the child on the leg.

Damn! Stop,παπουτσια nike μπασκετ! Hypoxia it! Had a stroke!

Why consciousness began to waver, eyes and blurred?Stopstop

"Ah pain,παπουτσια nike ανδρικα." On waking the child over the whole body felt like bone pain restructuring over the general.

Confused you want out of the arm, but felt a weight pressing arm was not moving, there is something around her waist.

"Ah, Mother " She yawned, turned, eyes open. Seemingly vague face staring at something next looked for a moment. Hold on, people - face? On the left behind the child frightened eyes, hard to use your other hand over her screaming about the export of overflow. ("Ah! Ghosts!" This is the heart the idea that ~ `)

This? Zhang Jun Yan in front of it looks like - Shen Luo ice? Ah! God! That this, around her waist is -? His arm? God, what!

Carefully out of the child on his arm, gently pull down the quilt, she - not - live - it! Her green purple couch purple patch of dark scar there mark, both in the clear: She - ions month - a great young twenty-first century, because of a kiss last night fainted after beside a bastard by the ancients to XXOO it!

"Hey!" Sub on quietly sigh, good shame! How do you faint? Have nothing to feel it last night. ("Uh, looks like you are depressed is the loss. This body, right?" A black face looked Wan a month)

"Cold !" How sexy voice so hoarse it? Child next month looking animal in nature Shen Luo ice unsteadily eyelashes. Oh,παπουτσια nike παιδικα, good attractive thin lips. Or steal a bite on? The idea has just produced a beauty to eyes.

Wake up wake up like non-sleepy eyes half-open state, such as ink-like dark eye to see the people around in panic after the contraction.

"You!" To see the child in the face of the month after the first reaction is to her - kick out of bed!

"You idiot! You doing?" Across the blanket rubbing the child fell on pain in the ass, the rise of glare ice Shen Luo, and then the red face bass. He, he, he was naked! (Dressed in strange clothes before it ?)
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