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作者: pgog3rgm    时间: 2014-5-29 12:39 PM     标题: παπουτσια nike free run - After a week off

After a week off, he looked yanjia six children growing more and more like it. Seems to have to rely on the degree, he is the first time has always been taught to see the dominance of the children are so dependent on a person, he likes the good thing, I believe Yao quarter also.
"A day, help me this afternoon watching the fog, the rain a few hours?" She inquired.
"Of course, good."
"Then I want you, I will come back as soon as possible."
Hatred of Japan with a smile, "Do not rush back, I will take care of them."
"What do you buy? I take the opportunity to bring back."
Shu has a natural orange orange on the hatred as a friend, she was very grateful to him to help her adapt to yanjia of all things, especially his friendly attitude, just like good friends, is a good reliable people.
Hatred of Japan smiled and shook his head.
"Auntie, baby car coming soon." Yan Xuan watching the clock went to his familiar point of view, he has not learned to look at the time,παπουτσια nike free run, but the school already see the time.
"Yes,nike free run 3 τιμη, hurry up,παπουτσια nike air max 2012, I take you out to ride."
Shu orange orange out with four children, baby car has yanjia the door waiting.
Send four little guy on the train, waving goodbye to them, she watched the baby from the car.
"Orange orange, with your phone." Hatred of Japan in front of radio came the voice.
Have her phone! Shu Orange Orange is the family to determine the call, and quickly ran into the house, she was a kind of premonition, the family have something important to tell her, pray do not mind a bad thing.
With the voice on the phone,παπουτσια nike παιδικα, revealing more and more comfortable orange orange happy smile, her joy of hanging up the phone, I think of two years ago.
Two years ago,παπουτσια nike air max 90, uncle died, my aunt lives in Canada single, was the name of the family to accompany her to visit, and strong aunt also very quickly restored, and now it seems my aunt met a very good suitors, old Dad decided to go a trip to Canada, is just to call their own, has decided to leave tomorrow.
She was most disappointed because she now has a job, it is not a go, quite unfortunately.
"Something wrong at home?" Hatred of Japan concerned questions.
"Family for a journey, specially called to inform me."
"You need to go home?"
"No." Shu orange orange smiled, she knew that if some want to go back to go along, better not, "They just went to visit relatives."
Hatred of Japan nod, he already knew what it was, he is different from ordinary people's sensitive ears have let him informed of all information.
While crying baby girl came, Shu orange orange secretly cry worse, onto the floor immediately, she actually forgot two little girls time to get up.
Hatred of Japan ran upstairs to her visually, glow mouth smile, he heard the sound of Yao quarter car outside in the community, another three minutes to be home.
Soon, no more crying upstairs, and then replaced by laughter.
Hatred of Japan is speeding car at the door waiting to go home Yan Yao quarter, guess he will be comfortable orange orange uncle was interested in the future is.
Yan Yao quarter was one to the house to do his sudden confused the word.
"You soon become orange and orange relatives, and happy?"
"In the end is how is it?"
"Shadow and her aunt married, you do not become her relatives it?"
Yan Yao quarter surprised,παπουτσια nike air max ανδρικα, asked: "Shadow, you say shadow and orange dry aunt to get married?"
"Yes." Hatred of Japan smiled happily, just inconvenience them in front of orange orange, and now he had some good fun.
Yan Yao quarter a little bit do not believe, disappeared eight shadow will appear, but also, and a woman get married, really incredible.
"Are you sure?" He was a bit skeptical.
"If that happens to her aunt Shu Hong peas, do not you think?" Hatred of Japan still remember is how the shadow of that knife.
"No! The world is really a coincidence thing."
"He waited eight years for that knife, her escape from his palm."
Yan Yao quarter immediately laugh, he thought eight years ago, Shu Hong pea is how to make shadow injured, she did have, so far he is still clearly remember how the shadow dodging her.
"It should be said that her escape the shadow of the palm."
Yan Yao quarter finished, the two issued a laugh.
"Your child will soon all change of heart, do not rush to retain their heart." Hatred of Japan quipped.
Yan Yao season knowing smile,ποδοσφαιρικα παπουτσια nike, "she told the children really have." He is not worried about his children full of heart, all the best towards her and she will always stay in this house.
When again and again in a man appeared in front of embarrassment, and then not used will be used.
Shu and two orange orange is just getting up, energy is abundant year-old girl to play wrestling, they attempt to climb into her clothes a mile wide, and she was struggling trying to catch them out, look very embarrassed, and unlimited Spring glance.
Yan Yao quarter entered the door, saw her clothes in the looming scenery,παπουτσια nike air max skyline, a sense of spring is infinitely better.
"Wow!" Shu orange orange shadows found in the door, the first cry of alarm, and immediately pick up the kids in bed quilt block was opened children's clothes.
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